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Privacy Policy

A Commitment To Privacy

The following privacy policy for all McCartha, Cobb & Associates, Inc. employees
for collection, use, retention, and security
of your nonpublic personal information.



All of us atMcCartha, Cobb & Associates, Inc. respect your privacy and the personal information you share with us. Your information is shared only with those firms which assist us in our day-to-day operations. Information on current and former customers is never sold to marketers or any other third party. In addition, we are committed to maintaining high levels of security to ensure that your information is accessible only by authorized personnel.
The following policy serves as a standard for all of our employees for collection, use, retention, and security of your nonpublic personal information.

The Information We Collect

In order to provide or maintain your accounts, we may gather “nonpublic personal information” about you.  Collected via our account application and other account documentation, this information is critical to open and administer your account.  Common examples may include your account history, loan payment history, and similar data.  Such information may come from any of the following sources:

  • Information we receive from you on applications or other loan and account forms
  • Information we may receive from third parties such as credit bureaus
  • Attorneys, accountants, or other professionals assisting in the administration of your account(s)

In addition to the servicing of your accounts, we may use this information to help develop new products and services to better meet your needs.  It also may be used to help us alert you to products and services that may be of value to you. To provide superior customer service to our clients, it is sometimes necessary for us to share information within the Surety Companies we represent.   However, when any surety company gathers credit information from you or about you, it stays completely within that company.


McCartha, Cobb & Associates, Inc.has extensive procedures in place to ensure the protection of customer data.  Electronically stored information is housed in a secured area with limited, password protected access.  Also, as part of the Company’s disaster preparedness plan, electronic data are regularly backed up and housed in a highly secure, off-site facility.  Other media (paper, microfilm, etc.) are housed in a secure area with limited access.  We always strive to meet or exceed regulations on data security and customer privacy.


Access to customer information is highly restricted.  It is limited to authorized employees of McCartha, Cobb & Associates, Inc.and service providers assisting our business operations.  These individuals and firms are thoroughly screened and required to meet McCartha, Cobb & Associates’ guidelines for data security.  Periodically, we may be required to provide certain information in response to government or law enforcement agencies.  Beyond these exceptions, information is not shared with third-parties outside.

To ensure the best level of service, McCartha, Cobb & Associates, Inc. is committed to keeping its information records as accurate as possible.  Transaction history is updated often, and, upon notification by you, we will update your records to reflect changes in address, marital status, account ownership and similar information that may have a bearing on your accounts.


As part of our commitment to you, we will provide you with an up-to-date copy of our privacy policy each year.  If you have questions, please call our office:

McCartha, Cobb & Associates, Inc.                                 (803) 799.3474

Our Privacy Commitments to You

Commitment 1:Your information will not be sold to marketers or any other third-party.

Commitment 2:Your information will not be shared beyond McCartha, Cobb & Associates, firms assisting us in our day-to-day operations, and governmental agencies as needed.

Commitment 3:Your medical and credit data will not be shared with any other party without your authorization.

Commitment 4:  McCartha, Cobb & Associates maintains safeguards to ensure the security of your information.  We also hold the firms assisting us contractually accountable to similar safeguards.

Commitment 5:We protect and safeguard the privacy information supplied on-line, just as we do through the rest of our business.  Personal information provided by sending e-mail or completing guest registers or information request forms will be used to help communicate with you and to help us answer your questions. E-mail transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information may be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain malware. The sender does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this message, or damage from any malware, caused by this e-mail transmission.




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